Hey everyone,

long time since we have had time to update our gossips!

A lot has been going on during the past month. I’m not even trying to give you any excuses. The biggest changes has and will be that our whole studio (basically meaning production) is moving to Finland!




This is great news but also little stressful. It will be extra ordinary cool to have everything close by but as you know moving is always a little pain in ”the back side”. Anyways, I will surely tell you everything when I have some actual facts about time and place.

For you guys this means nothing else than we are clearing our London STOCK! We have lot of stuff on SALE! And surely more will follow while we are cleaning the London studio.

You can check the Abopt us! -section from here!


Some of the Zoo on sale

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 19.43.43

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