Few months back we had pleasure to collaborate with Finnish singer/songwriter Kristiina Wheeler.

We were asked to produce rings, pendants and earrings based on Kristiina’s ”W”-logo.  The outcome was great! So was the feedback, we heard ♡




After thinking, talking, laughing, wondering and celebrating we thought why not to carry on the project and use the ready product for something meaningful. The final idea came from team Wheeler: fundraising. Simple and easy (well, maybe not so easy, but no rocket science either). We decided to raise money for Tyttöjen Koti, ”home for girls”, here in Finland.

Few days ago we shot the pendants, which will be on sale SOON, at HimaJooga. Fun day.

Here’s little bit of the outcome.



 Emma took the pictures. We took pictures of taking the pictures.






By Emma Suominen

More info will follow soon!

We just wanted to share this as we are so damn exited about the project.

Take care!

T // x


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