Welcome 2013! Hopefully everyone had a great and peaceful Christmas loving company and a magnificent New Year’s Eve to welcome the new year!

We are super excited about the new year and all the new things that we get to share with you guys. First off, our new website will see daylight mid-January! We have been working on the new site for a while now and we hope it to work well and that you guys find it easy and convenient. And this blog! This is something new we hope you find interesting. If you come up with something that should be posted here, do tell!

As usual, we’ll be traveling a lot and spreading the word of titiMadam everywhere! In January we’ll be going to both Berlin and Paris. We make sure to post something about those too so you get the feeling of that trip.

One of the most exciting things happening this spring is definitely our Doggies by titiMadam -collection! You guys have been asking for different dog breeds for a while now, and we have good news for you. Alongside with the new website, we are launching the doggie collection as well. Stay tuned for more updates and information about the dog jewelry and possibly even getting a custom made set of jewelry of your own dog…

What are you most looking forward to? What would you like to see from us?

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