Good morning!

Have you not found your totem animal or the favorite doggie from titiMadam’s collections?

Well, now there’s a good chance to fix the problem… We kept getting so many questions about ”this” and ”that” animal and ”this” and ”that” shape that we decided to offer you guys a chance to design and order your own pieces. All we need is a high resolution silhouette picture of the animal shape (or of the dog, building, text…) and the color preferences. The set includes pair of earrings, a pendant and a brooch. The product name is little misleading, the shape can be anything from a farm animal to silhouette of Big Ben or your kid’s hand.

More information from here!
This is a great idea as a gift. Valentine’s day is coming and all, and here’s a chance to give something unique to your loved ones!
Energy for MONDAY!
PS. You can also order bigger quantities. In this case please contact us by email!

PPS. Oh, there’s also a change to order a custom made wall mirror! Check this out! Get creative with the shapes and get personal decorations for your wall!

Here’s few examples about custom made jewelry we have done.

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