Seems like the autumn is finally getting its fingers around Helsinki. Even though it is late summer, we have had some sun, even some heat and Im so happy that I have still been able to wear flip flops!

Our summer has been great. We did some big decisions and changes within titiMadam. We decided to skip all the trade shows, opened our new miniFarm, did some great projects and even more importantly started few pretty exciting ones, which will be launched surely before Christmas!

Here’s little bit of our sunny months.







At the moment we are literally melting and fashion stock sale-ing in Oulu, Finland. It is unbelievable hot in here, actually I think the records are braking with highest ever May temperature in Oulu (+36 degrees, someone even mentioned +41…). Do not think I’m complaining. I’m more loving this!


Oulu is a nice city located in the center of Finland. Personally I have never been here before but it has been pleasant to see that we have quite solid fan base here. Big love for that <3 I have pumped into a bambi (of course), pair of elephant earrings and few titiMadam vintage items, like the horse pendant in walnut and the much loved eagle pendant that we are actually considering bring back again as people have been asking about it.

As most of you know summer time in Finland in magical. The sun does not really go down at all… which is sosososo refreshing after the dark winter but it is little confusing as well. The picture below was taken after midnight.


And the happy news is that if everything goes as well as planned we will have great new retailer here by the end of the summer.