This Week in Pictures 8

Met miniSpiderman Met Sara Seahorse at a buss LoveLoveLove…. Also loving the autumn.. Got some spare tickets to I love me -messut in Helsinki. Check the competition from our facebook page! Was selected as a finalist in SOREL’s young female entrepreneur of the year competition. See more here!

This Week in Pictures 7

Had a blast at Kaapeli Design Market!! The best of part of our job is to personally meet you guys! Had an official end of the summer party at Gula Villan! <3 < 3 < 3 Played with legos. HAHAHAHAH!! Teemu & Jay-Z Had a sensenman coffee. Visited Showroom8 at Kluuvi Got a nice picture…

This Week in Pictures 6

This week started with confusion.. …but ended with love! Amazing summer carries on.. !!!!!!!! Found a new pet! (This is Eero Aarnio’s dalmatian Puppy!) Will end the week with this! Kaapeli Design Market Sat & Sun 11-17.

Summer was great…!

Seems like the autumn is finally getting its fingers around Helsinki. Even though it is late summer, we have had some sun, even some heat and Im so happy that I have still been able to wear flip flops! Our summer has been great. We did some big decisions and changes within titiMadam. We decided…