Bunny pendant in iridescent acrylic.

Pauliina Bunny iridescent pendant


Cutest bunny pendant in iridescent acrylic because everybunny needs somebunny sometimes! Pauliina Bunny is definitely the favorite of all the younger animal lovers. The shape is also safe for kids as there are no thin or sharp parts! The pendant measures approx 7 cm in height. The items in our iridescent range are made from 3 mm iridescent acrylic, so the items reflect all the possible colors of a rainbow (yes it’s pink, blue, purple, white…). See all the pictures to realize how cool iridescent acrylic is! Super hard to capture the greatness! You can compare the color to a soap bubble 🙂

See Paulina Bunny in other colors here!

titiMadam Original series are made mainly from 3 mm arylic. The items are made in Finland and UK!

It is good to keep in mind that some of our animal shapes have sharp parts in them which may brake in incorrect use or in play. Check our Kiddos section for animals which we feel are good also for children and younger animal lovers!

All metal parts are nickel free! You can also easily cut the ball chain shorter. Just open up the lock and clip between the balls after measuring the correct lenght.


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