Call Me On My Shellphone glitter earrings


Call Me On My Shellphone earrings dipped in silver glitter! Gotta love them!

The earrings are finished by hand in Helsinki so some differences between pairs might occur. We have cut the shape from Finnish plywood, dipped them in the finest Glitternisti cosmetic glitter and finished the process with unconditional love! The earrings are sold in a black gift box.

You should keep the pair away from any moist and note that some glitter might get loose on the go. The earring measures approx 6 cm in height.



Collaboration with wonderful Glitternisti!

Our collaboration items have been designed with great companies, brands and charities!

titiMThe items are made in Finland and UK!

It is good to keep in mind that some of our animal shapes have sharp parts in them which may brake in incorrect use or in play. Check our Kiddos section for animals which we feel are good also for children and younger animal lovers!