Bozan Penguin earring studs
Bozan Penguin earring studs

Bozan Penguin earring studs


Bozan penguin earring studs in different colors. Bozan Penquin is originally from Turkey but nowadays he lives in the North pole with his best buddy Björn Bear from Norway. They met during student exchange in Budapest and immediately became good friends! Love across boarders! Bozan Penquin is Titimadam’s present choice for your friend who lives abroad! Easy to send in a small envelope!

Bozan Penguin is also available as pendant and earrings.


Bozan Penguin earring studs are made from 3mm laser cut perspex with silver plated earring stud.

Size 1-2 cm wide.

Metal parts are nickel free, like in all titiMadam jewellery.



mint green, bubblegum purple, rose mirror, gold mirror, black, white, baby pink, silver mirror, jade mirror