We have a question for you guys:
Is there a shop, online store, boutique, museum, amusement park, post office, department store, etc… where you would like to see titiMadam jewellery? Is there are place where you constantly go but THE one and only zoo is missing?

If yes, you should let us know. We are constantly looking for new retailers and you are the ones who know where should we go (see, little poem there!).

As we are grateful for your help we will raffle three gift cards (25€, 35€, 45€) to our online store  between all the answers.

Send your hint to [email protected] by 9th of April. We will let the winners know the day after.

Bliss ♥


Afwosh, Paris


Five Fridays, Antwerp


La Habitacion Kate, Madrid

Hey Earthlings,

you keep asking us where do we work, where do you design all your items, where can we see the full collection of titiMadam jewelry.. So we decided to give you a sneak peak of our office, the miniFarm, where all this happens!


Check more info about Design District Helsinki from here!


Galatee Goldfish wall mirror found its place from a tree.


Our sofa-ish.


Happy worker with the display.


We are in a farm, so we got some fence.


The chest of drawers hides pretty much the whole zoo.


Our shapes are seen in flower pots…


..as well as in our table tops.



So that’s about it. Come say hi if you ever walk by!

The opening times change weekly, so keep an eye of our facebook page and the gossips  for more information!

titiMadam miniFarm, Merimiehenkatu 23, 00150 Helsinki, Finland

Soon we will pack the Zoo and carry on to Montezuma, little village close to our current location, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

We have made lot of friends here (including flora, fauna, some humans too) but the best by far has been the beach… It is impossible to get enough of it.

The pictures will tell all you have to know…


“Dude, I think we are lost”


Bambi chilling like a tico-bambi.


Time, what time?


Books, the best company. Frida, great inspiration.

Ps. In case you are wondering what are we doing here, we can answer is HOLIDAY! But, but, we came also for some serious inspiration for 2014 collections.