Last week we started to wonder what would be the best way to find new locations for our zoo. There are so many spots and places around that it feels almost impossible to reach all of them.

The answer was quite simple though, you guys! Of course you know what to do, where to go and where to shop in your city.

We got answers from Italy, Stockholm, Paris, Germany, Mexico, Finland, etc, etc, etc…. Thank you for all of you who took a moment to help us.

But, that’s enough of blaablaablaa.. SO we raffled the winners:


TATTADATATTADAAA!! (hear the drum set playing!!)

The lucky winners are:

45 € gift card to Wendy from from Belgium (Public Image, JuDe Loves U, Mieke Shop)

35 € gift card to Katja from Finland (

25€ gift card to Hanna T. from Finland (

We will contact you shortly!

Bliss! x





We have a question for you guys:
Is there a shop, online store, boutique, museum, amusement park, post office, department store, etc… where you would like to see titiMadam jewellery? Is there are place where you constantly go but THE one and only zoo is missing?

If yes, you should let us know. We are constantly looking for new retailers and you are the ones who know where should we go (see, little poem there!).

As we are grateful for your help we will raffle three gift cards (25€, 35€, 45€) to our online store  between all the answers.

Send your hint to [email protected] by 9th of April. We will let the winners know the day after.

Bliss ♥


Afwosh, Paris


Five Fridays, Antwerp


La Habitacion Kate, Madrid