Time is flying! Cant believe it is already middle of November..

Anyways, gotta tell you guys about our “kissmass” plans.. We are attending to many Xmas sales events here in Helsinki and Tampere as well.


Here is little bit of our Christmas plans:

22.-24.11 LEMMIKKIMESSUT, Messukeskus Helsinki

23.11 Design District Helsinki Xmas Sales, Wanha Ylioppilastalo Helsinki

29.11-1.12 TOKYO Xmas Sales, Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu Helsinki

7.-8.12 DESIGNTORI, Tampere

14.-15.12 Korjaamon Joulumyyjäiset, Helsinki

14.-22.12 Wanhan Joulumarkkinat, Wanha Ylioppilastalo Helsinki


For all of you who are unable to come meet us, remember that our web shop works just fine most of December! All order made before 15th of Dec should get to you on time! So you still have good time to order your Xmas pressies.

AND the XMAS SALE starts just in few days!

miniFarm will be open most of December as usual, Tue-Fri 11-17.


Hope to see you soon!


Seems like the autumn is finally getting its fingers around Helsinki. Even though it is late summer, we have had some sun, even some heat and Im so happy that I have still been able to wear flip flops!

Our summer has been great. We did some big decisions and changes within titiMadam. We decided to skip all the trade shows, opened our new miniFarm, did some great projects and even more importantly started few pretty exciting ones, which will be launched surely before Christmas!

Here’s little bit of our sunny months.






Did some product testing with little Iiris. That went very well. No actual food needed.




Office stretching….


Faced some realities….


Michael <3


Did little renovating at miniFarm, or watch renovating been done..


Remembered more realities.


Drank an angry coffee 🙂


Looked like this on Friday morning.


In search of inspiration we found these acrylic paints that have been sitting in our storage room for who knows how long..

As it is time to start thinking about the collections for next winter we thought why not try something new? This is what came out from our play date with paint!

Not completely there YET 🙂




Hello, oh so great summery hello!

We have been doing inventory here at our miniFarm and realized we have a box full of old prototypes, PR samples and little damaged good. All of these are in good condition but we cannot actually sell them anymore as they are “old”.

So the question is what should we do with them? We thought about giving them away to charity but finding  the best of the best “target” is something maybe you could help us with? Any suggestions?

You can comment on our facebook page!


Easter is full of symbolism. For example did you know that in the Finnish epic, “The Kalevala”, their greatest god, “Ukko”, formed the earth, sky, sun, moon and clouds from the broken eggs of a teal? Or that the first symbol of Easter was the chicken braking out of its shell? What’s even weirder is that 76 percent of people eat the ears on chocolate bunnies first…

We tried to paint our own eggs here at the miniFarm but they looked so deformed that we decided to treat you with something more titiMadam-like (although somebody told me that she cannot decide is the picture more easter or Moulin Rouge like).




Anyways, enjoys the loooooong weekend, eat some, not tons, of chocolate and keep it real!

And, of course, the treat!!

Hey Earthlings,

you keep asking us where do we work, where do you design all your items, where can we see the full collection of titiMadam jewelry.. So we decided to give you a sneak peak of our office, the miniFarm, where all this happens!


Check more info about Design District Helsinki from here!


Galatee Goldfish wall mirror found its place from a tree.


Our sofa-ish.


Happy worker with the display.


We are in a farm, so we got some fence.


The chest of drawers hides pretty much the whole zoo.


Our shapes are seen in flower pots…

titiM_miniFarm11 well as in our table tops.



So that’s about it. Come say hi if you ever walk by!

The opening times change weekly, so keep an eye of our facebook page and the gossips  for more information!

titiMadam miniFarm, Merimiehenkatu 23, 00150 Helsinki, Finland