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Adam Giraffe pendant



Adam Giraffe pendant, show your tribal spirit!


Adam Giraffe pendant is made from walnut with different color acrylic backing.

Metal parts are nickel free in all titiMadam jewellery.

Size approximately 7 cm, chain length 75 cm.

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Who we are?

The success of titiMadam is a testament to the fact that humour, simplicity and love will create great jewellery. For us it is all about friends. The friends, who inspire us, make us feel safe and deliver us those tiny feelings of happiness every day.

We must admit that we have been quite lucky during the past years… titiMadam has grown rapidly with its products now being stocked worldwide. However we have never forgotten the humble beginnings of our creations, all the products are named after our close friends and people who have helped us along our journey. For example Juan Bambie got its name from our Columbian buddy who has the most beautiful dark brown eyes, Emma Horse was named after a dear friend who has had a lifetime love for riding, Galatee Goldfish is definitely our favourite Parisian.

So we here at titiMadam continue faithfully maintain our philosophy to create a range of products each with their own personality. All the pieces are expressive but also all day, every day –wearables. The collection is constantly growing with original and affordable designs, which can complement a range of different styles. PS. Remember to handle animals with care!