titiMadam <3 LivBox

We got the privilege to work with a relatively new concept in Finland, LivBox! The company offers monthly boxes full of cosmetics and goodies, how great is that! All you have to do is order the box, and you’ll get monthly treats sent to your home. The boxes vary monthly , and from what we have…

You’ve got mail?

Have you taken part in our Friday tagging fests? Do you feel like you should have won something and no one is asking for your address? This might be because the message we have sent you went straight to your spam folder on Facebook! So check all your message folders on Facebook to see if…

Are you one of them?

    From what we have understood, being a dog person is sort of like being a part of a cult, and here’s a 101 class to the lingo. Do you guys agree? Do you recognize this in yourselves? Also, what would be the Finnish version of this?

Tea or coffee?

Know of that age old battle between tea people and coffee people? It’s like cat people or dog people, you’re definitely either or, and there is no middle ground. Which one are you? Fast pace coffee lover or cozy tea lover who wants to curl up and enjoy their tea in peace and quiet?  …

A bit better Wednesday

We came across this and we are definitely going to try these out! The pain of trying to fill a bucket with the tiny tiny sink… the pain be gone! What is your favorite tip from the video? Ant what is the everyday tip that has saved your life? Do share!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you sweethearts! Where we come from, Valentine’s Day is all about friendships, so we want to take a moment to remind ourselves, and you too, to look around and give lots of hugs to the amazing people we have in our lives! We wouldn’t be here without you guys,…

Cat friend vs. dog friend

  This video circulated around the internet a lot last year and we are pretty late with this, but we think this is still valid. Happy watching! Do you have more cat friends or dog friends? And which one are you??