This Week in Pictures 5

Did some product testing with little Iiris. That went very well. No actual food needed. Zen…… Office stretching…. Faced some realities…. Michael <3 Did little renovating at miniFarm, or watch renovating been done.. Remembered more realities. Drank an angry coffee 🙂 Looked like this on Friday morning.

Segundas Pieles // Miguel Vallina

If you really look closely of these images, you realize that this Madrid-based advertising photographer Miguel Vallina has really thought closely the fashion style of each animal. We really like these!      

This Week in Pictures 4

Got the safety reflectors! YAY! Build a new home! Played Pocahontas Wondered exactly the same thing than Edie Enjoyed the shadows at the new miniFarm

New miniFarm is now open!

Our new shop is now open! You can find us from Fredrikinkatu 14, 00150 Helsinki Opening times: Tue-Fri 11-17 (or by an appointment!) For more info email or give us a bell 00358 40 576 3137 Hope to see you soon!    


Working on yoga. Office days. Trying to do sports. In the middle of doing sports. Food? FOOOD! Ok, what ever…. Just playing. Or not? I’ll become a horse then. Pics originally from

This Week in Pictures 3

  Got the final versions of Oi Sailor! series! You can see all of them here. Went to Flow festival. …and flowing… …and flowing… Experienced some serious exhaustion after Flow… Got inspired. Enjoyed beautiful night in Helsinki. Studied the anatomy of mermaids. And realized that pressure is not always a negative thing.

Fallen Princesses // Dina Goldstein

          See the full series here. “Dina is a conceptual photographer with a background in editorial/documentary photography.  For Dina photography is intended not to produce an esthetic that echoes current beauty standards, but to evoke and wrest feelings of shame, anger, shock and empathy from the observer so as to inspire…

This Week in Pictures 2

    Did a serious inventory. Looked at the stars one night. Dreamed of a snowflake horse. Admired the decoration at the dentist. Went to a wonderful wedding in Tallinn! Thanks Caro & Kimmo <3 Suffered of serious hangover but cured it with popcorn. Went to yoga. Check out Himasali if ever in Helsinki… Visited…

21 Habits of Happy People

  1. Appreciate Life Be thankful that you woke up alive each morning. Develop a childlike sense of wonder towards life. Focus on the beauty of every living thing. Make the most of each day. Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 2. Choose Friends Wisely Surround yourself with happy, positive people…

This Week in Pictures

  Got elephant-faced. Found 23 oranges from the flat. Started moving! Went sailing. Got the first autumn-ish rain.   Found an awesome jacket from flea market.   Got all the stuff in to the new address (Fredrikinkatu 14, Helsinki). Made some Charlie Chaplin inspired jewellery.   Felt loved.